Amy Gough

Marketing Professional & Copywriter with French Language skills.

About me

Highly-motivated, enthusiastic and creative marketing professional with a 2:1 in French Studies from the University of Sheffield and 4 years’ solid experience in multi-channel marketing roles. Experienced at working both client-side and agency-side, for small start-ups to large FMCG organisations, possessing the ability to create meaningful campaigns with activity to suit any budget. 

Blog: 'Our Peruvian adventure: from Machu Picchu to plenty of Pisco…'

Peru is nothing short of magical. It is colourful and vibrant – from the traditional outfits and trinkets – to Pisco-fuelled nights out at karaoke bars! Peru transports you back in time – thanks to the legacy of powerful ancient civilizations – and offers so many breathtaking landscapes, from Lake Titicaca, the Sacred Valley and the Inca trail to the majestical Machu Picchu. Our Peruvian adventure was one of my favourite experiences ever and I’d love to do it all over again. Lake Titicaca is no

Blog: 'Why Bolivia Should Be on Your ‘Bucket List’

As we chewed coca leaves to prevent altitude sickness, it was overwhelming to see nothing but desert for 3 whole days. We passed no villages or towns and were so isolated from civilization. We were travelling in a convoy of five 4x4s, it astonished us that the drivers even knew the route and where to go as there were no roads or markings, they must have just memorised at which cactus they should turn! At one point our car broke down in the middle of the desert with no other 4×4 to be seen. The

Blog: 'Get glowing: radiance primers for glowy, dewy skin'

Moisturise, mositurise, mositurise. Drink plenty of water. Snack on nuts. Wear sunscreen daily. Get your eight hours sleep each night. Clean your make up brushes, wear serum, be a Victoria’s Secret Model. We all know what we should do for glowing skin, but it’s not always easy to achieve when you’re in an air-conned office, in a job that makes you want to down vino rather than h20… Without trying to sound too cliché, gorgeous skin definitely starts from within and I’m going to make a conscious

Blog: 'It’s time for bright, bold lips!'

I’ve got a serious thing for lipstick. I can’t seem to leave the house without a handful in my bag – I’m gathering a full on collection in there! But when it comes to lippie, I seem to always play it safe with a nude (or variation of it). But now it’s spring and we’re seeing the start of warmer weather (hallelujah!), I’ve gone a bit mad for bright lips. Nothing beats warmer, sunnier days and whacking out big sunglasses and bold lips. With a pop of colour on your lips, it brings the sunshine what

Blog: 'Is ageism the new glass ceiling?'

We recently tuned in to Mary Beard’s BBC Radio 4 documentary ‘Glad to Be Grey’ which investigated society’s pressures for women to conceal their age, including the ‘issue’ with grey hair. During the programme it came to light that the proportion of women that colour their hair to conceal their grey has gone from 7% in the 1950s to a huge 75% today. That’s a considerable increase of women who are now covering up their grey in an effort to try and turn back the clock.